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Friday, October 9, 2009

Shocker! Pt. 3

Emailed in by one of our readers, Robrob.
Stranger: asl?
You: 18/f/australia...little horny
You: you?:)
Stranger: sweden m 18 :)
You: how are you?
Stranger: good you? ^^
You: i'm all right
Stranger: good to hear :)
You: cyber?
Stranger: are you good then?
You: yeah
Stranger: you start :)
You: you throw me on the bed and start to remove my panites
Stranger: i start rubbing your stomach and go down slow to your clit and rub it
You: i start to get wet
Stranger: i take my other finger and dip the top in your pussy
You: i moan
Stranger: i'm getting deeper and deeper inside your wet pussy
You: i start to move my hips
Stranger: i'm starting to penetrate my finger in and out your pussy faster and faster
You: you cut a whole in my side and start to fuck it
You: i start to shout
You: you thrust harder
You: and harder
Stranger: hahaha omfg
You: you finally finish inside me
You: i look down at thered and white mess
You: you start to lick it up
Stranger: and i spit in your face with all sperm!
You: i use the knife to cut ur throat
Stranger: sick fuck ;)
You: i start to grind up on ur lifeless body
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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