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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The culturally unaware Omegler Pt. 1

You: hey :)
Stranger: hey
Stranger: dude/babe
Stranger: ?
You: hot babe ;)
Stranger: age?
You: 17
Stranger: i'm 19
You: wow you're very straight to the point :P
You: whereabouts are you from
Stranger: India
You: nicce
Stranger: u?
You: california honey
You: always wanted to go to india
Stranger: great
You: how is it over there?
Stranger: why don't u come here?
You: im planning to in the summer!
Stranger: its a good country...
You: so i've heard
You: do you speak chinese?
Stranger: how is California
Stranger: no
You: its great, sort of hot at the moment though
Stranger: i speak Hindi
You: stuck wearing singlets and short shorts :P
You: beach season!!
You: oh you dont speak chinese...are you like half indian or something?
Stranger: Indians don't speak Chinese
Stranger: thats china
You: ummm
You: im pretty sure indian's speak chinese buddy
You: it's in the atlas
You: are you sure you're indian?
Stranger: no dear
You: do you like chinese food?
Stranger: yep
Stranger: I like Chinese food...
You: can you cook it?
Stranger: ya I can cook it for u
You: wow nice!
Stranger: :P
You: can i come over to your house when im in india? :)
Stranger: ya, of course
You: yea but my dad might be a bit strict with me staying
You: so i dont know
Stranger: oh
Stranger: so, are you on facebook?
You: yea, ofcourse sugar, who isnt :)
You: can you take me to see the great wall of china when i come there?
Stranger: no, for that we'll need Chinese Visa
You: why, is your indian tribe not allowed into the great wall of china territory in india?
Stranger: yeah but that would be a distant look
You: why?
You: do you speak chinese?
Stranger: Great Wall of China falls in Chinese territory
You: what?
You: the great wall of china is in india
Stranger: India is quite different from China
You: what's china?
You: are you sure you're from india dear? :)
Stranger: India and China are neighbouring countries
You: hmmmm
You: but do you speak chinese?
Stranger: ya you can see my profile on facebook
Stranger: no, I don't speak Chinese
You: why, are you like half indian or something?
Stranger: no, I'm pretty sure I'm Indian
You: how come you don't speak chinese?
Stranger: How can you predict sitting thousands of miles from this place
Stranger: ?
You: because you're indian and you can't speak chinese
You: i find it strange you can't speak you national language
Stranger: Ok I've an advice for u?
You: go ahead honey? :)
Stranger: open your atlas and see it for yourself
Stranger: i finally got the reason why Indians are stealing your jobs in US..
You: okay
You: you steal?
You: stealing is wrong
You: what indian tribe are you from anyway
You: bet you're not a mohican
You: mohicans had honour
Stranger: I meant something else
You: mohicans would never steal
You: bet you're an inca
You: do you want to cyber?
You: im bored
Stranger: how can you predict?
Stranger: ok then
You: ;) what are you going to do to me?
Stranger: do you want to get fucked?
Stranger: I am coming to California next summer...
You: yea i really want to get fucked
You: fucked bad
You: i heard indians have big penises
Stranger: I got it
You: like i heard some indian guy has like a 4 inch penis :O
You: i couldnt believe it
You: my friend told me because her boyfriends indian
You: its so gbig
Stranger: U must take out your dick, roll it over to your ass and fuck overself hard
You: what?
Stranger: u deserve it
You: deserve what?
You: a spanking? :D
You: do you speak chinese?
Stranger: good bye u son of a bitch
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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