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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Le Français aime le cyber!

Stranger: Hi,I'm French nice to meet you
You: hey :)
You: hey you!
You: im californian
Stranger: Ok
Stranger: f or m?
You: i've always wanted to go to france though
You: i can speak a bit
You: f
You: you?
Stranger: m
Stranger: ^^
Stranger: How old?
You: 17
Stranger: 19
You: oh nice!
Stranger: Yeah
You: je peux parler en francais
You: petite :P
Stranger: Trés bien
You: yaaay
Stranger: Et les filles en Californie sont trés belles
You: whatsup?
You: merci monsieur :)
You: je pense que les hommes francais sont tres chaud aussi ;)
You: the accent is sexay
Stranger: Ah
Stranger: Ravi de l'apprendre
You: i didnt understand that :(
You: sorry im just like
You: a beginner at french
Stranger: I'm delight to heard that
Stranger: ^^
Stranger: You have evre meet french before?
You: ummm
You: one of my girlfriends had a frnech boyfriend
You: i had a bit of a crush on him because of the accent lol :P
Stranger: Yeah
You: do you want to cyber?
Stranger: Ok
Stranger: Have msN,
Stranger: ?
You: do you want to fuck?
Stranger: In msn yes
You: then get off omegle and go to a fucking club you sad french faggot
Stranger: you?
Stranger: ^^
Stranger: your joker
Stranger: very fun
Stranger: And you have a boyfriend so?
You: no...but i bet you do.
You: bet he fucks you up your dirty french ass
You: and you squeal like a pig
You: eating croissants and smelling like cheese
Stranger: Aha
You: your hair shedding everywhere
Stranger: It's me who fuck girl
You: embracer mes balles
You: just kiddin want to cyber?
You: i just wanted to see if you'd lose your temper
You: you're a gentleman
Stranger: Ok
Stranger: Thanks
You: :)
You: sorry if i offended you
You: its just that theres alot of dicks on omegle
You: i don't cyber with anyone you know
Stranger: Ok
Stranger: It like you want
You: do you want to cyber?
Stranger: If you want
Stranger: I'm agree with you
You: i definetly want to ;)
Stranger: Ok
You: you take control
Stranger: And you have msn?
Stranger: or not?
You: yes i do...and if you're really good at cybering i'll add you ;)
Stranger: Wahou
You: so what are you going to do?
Stranger: I put you in bed
Stranger: my bed
You: oh yea
Stranger: And I kiss you everywhere
Stranger: I put off your shirt
You: keep going
You: i want you to take control
Stranger: Caress your thigh
You: aha that tickles :)
Stranger: Put off your pants
You: then my huge 9inch penis bursts out
You: and i smack your mouth with it
Stranger: Aha
You: slowly insert the shaft
You: down your throat
Stranger: Nooooooooooooooo
You: gently
You: ever so gentle
You: then i face fuck you
You: over
You: and over again
You: until i rupture your vocal chords
You: and then you scream in pain
Stranger: Ahahha
You: i slit your throat
Stranger: Awesome
You: and draw a smiley face on the wall
You: because i love smiley faces
Stranger: Ok
Stranger: Crazy bitch
You: then
You: sloowwwly
You: ever so slowwly
You: i rip your eyes out
You: and replace them with your balls
You: then i laugh
You: hahahahahha
You: do you want to cyber?
Stranger: Yeah
You: alright lets do it for real this time
You: kinky
Stranger: With a girl now
You: okay okay
Stranger: I put off your pants
Stranger: now
You: are you angry
Stranger: And you have a pussy no
Stranger: A little that's why I eat your vagina
You: and i barkreally loudly
You: because im fido the dog
You: and im wondering why my owner is licking my anus
You: so i shit on his face
You: then i do a doggy laugh
You: like this
You: ruff ruff ruff
You: and then i wonder to myself why these french people are so desperate for cyber sex
You: then i realise im a dog
You: and piss in your mouth
You: and then i titfuckyourass.
Stranger: Ok
You: you wanna cyber?
Stranger: Yeah
Stranger: Again
You: okay
Stranger: I lick your pussy
Stranger: now
You: but i have a dick bro
You: are you gay or something
You: wtf
You: seriously
You: i just said
You: i have afuckign dick
You: then i pretended to be a fucking dog
Stranger: Ho
You: what the fuck is wrong with you?
Stranger: You're a men
You: no shit you stupid french fuck
Stranger: Fuck I don't know
You: god dam it.
You: jsut get out of here
You: you're ridiculous
Stranger: As your grandpa when he died in Noramndie
Stranger: Normandie
Stranger: Asshole
You: my grandfather died in france
You: he defended your people
Stranger: Yeah
You: he started diplomacy between his dick and all french women
Stranger: So be cool with french
You: so cowardly french fuckers who really want cybersex would not be born
Stranger: Yeah
You: clearly he missed your mum
Stranger: aha
You: or maybe he knocked her out with his dick
Stranger: Are you angry?
You: because he didnt want to fertilize an ugly bitch
You: na...you wanna cyber tho?
Stranger: Fuck you are speak to me yet now
You: what?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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