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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Knock knock

Stranger: hola..who is there?
You: hello
Stranger: from?
You: how are you?
You: i am from finland
Stranger: all the people from finland today;p
Stranger: m or f?
You: oh really?
You: female
You: and you?
Stranger: and how old r u?
Stranger: im m
You: im 17
Stranger: ..
You: where are you from?
Stranger: greece but in germany
You: idont understand?
Stranger: im from greece but i am in germany now
Stranger: is it better now?!;p
You: ohhhhh
You: i see
You: knock knock
Stranger: i always wanted to ask
Stranger: because i dont know here so young girls..
You: yes?
Stranger: if they r playing a lot with boys when they r so young...the girls in north europe i mean...
You: yes ofcourse
You: we play with everyone
You: boys and girls
You: why do girls not play with boys in germany?
Stranger: of course....but i am 26...so i dont a lot of girls 17 and i wasnt here when i was younger
You: wait
You: ...what do you mean by play?
Stranger: what do u think?
Stranger: not basketball for example;p
You: i am not understanding
You: sorry is this a metaphor?
You: english is my second language
You: ohhh
You: you mean
You: like
Stranger: "playing" i mean sex or something similar...
You: to make
You: dirty
You: yea
You: i see
Stranger: exactly;)
You: well yes alot of young girls do
You: do you want to here a dirty joke? ;)
Stranger: bitte
Stranger: i mean...im already hearing
You: knock knock
Stranger: very dirty joke;p
You: wait, do you understand knock knock type jokes?
You: its like im knocking on your door
You: and you are asking who it is
You: like roleplay :)
Stranger: ok...who it is?
You: fuck ;)
Stranger: and what do u want from me?!:p
Stranger: ;p
You: no no!
You: you not understanding knock knock jokes! haha!
You: it's like this
You: knock knock
You: who's there
You: dan
You: dan who?
You: dandruff!
You: but my joke is dirty ;)
You: so knock knock!
Stranger: only ur joke?
Stranger: ;p
Stranger: whos there?
You: fuck!
Stranger: fuck who?
You: fuck you, you hairy fucking greek perverted piece of shit
Stranger: i was sure about smth like that
You: why dont you go try and corrupt someone else you dirty fuck
You: ....do european girls play
You: with boys
You: the fuck is wrong with you?
Stranger: im not trying corrupt anyone
You: why dont you go watch some porn dipshit
Stranger: r u crazy?
You: crazy in love with you
You: baby
You: knock knock
Stranger: i just asked about 17 year old girls
You: knock knock!
Stranger: i dont know any
You: wanna cyber?
You: im bored
Stranger: knock knock
You: who's there
Stranger: i dont want to write smth bad;p
Stranger: even if i could
Stranger: thats fpr children
You: wanna cyber?
Stranger: how old r u>?
Stranger: the truth
You: everything i have said is the truth
You: i only make joke before
You: because was bored
Stranger: too funny;p
You: knock knock :)
Stranger: and when u r bored u r making cyber?
You: yes
You: or making joke
You: or both!
You: knock knock
Stranger: and why dont u make real sex?
You: i do make real sex ;)
You: thats for night time
You: late night
Stranger: and what r u thinkin during playing alone?
You: whatever i am told to think
Stranger: what is ur best thought?
Stranger: no..when u r alone...
You: what is yours?
Stranger: i asked first my little girl
You: hmmmm
You: i guess best thoughts would be with sex
You: or something like sex
You: everybody always thinks about sex
You: now and then
You: happy thoughts :)
Stranger: thats obvious...i mean what spesific from sex is your best thought?
Stranger: specific*
You: that's a little private, you may be shocked ;)
Stranger: i dont think so...
Stranger: is it so dirty?
You: i think so
You: i've never actually done it
You: but maybe one day
You: with stranger :P
Stranger: and what is this ?
You: why are you so curious? ;)
Stranger: there is no answer...simply curious..is this a problem?!or r u afraid to say?!
You: no no
You: little shy i think
You: ill tell you
You: in indirect way
You: no no
Stranger: u dont have to be shy..im by all means a stranger for u
You: yes this is true
You: promise you want be strange?
You: wont*
Stranger: promise
You: okay okay
You: knock knock
Stranger: im waiting to hear...
Stranger: or to read...
You: yes yes
You: im telling you indirect
You: more comfortable for me
Stranger: no..
Stranger: i sont believe u
Stranger: dont*
Stranger: ;p
You: don't believe?
You: what don't you believe?
Stranger: u r gonna strart swear again;p
You: i don't understand
You: you don't want to hear?
You: it
Stranger: anyway..lest see...ok
You: knock knock
Stranger: who is therE?
You: geta!
Stranger: geta who?
You: get a clue. it's the fucking fbi and you're trying to pry sexual fantasties off young girls you sick hairy, balding, olive oil smelling, greek fat fuck.
You: how do you sleep at night?
Connection imploded.

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