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Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Racistinator... The Jew

Emailed in by one of our readers, Kien.
You: hi
Stranger: Be interesting or leave.
You: yeh k
You: what u want me to do
Stranger: uh
Stranger: be interesting.
You: where u from
Stranger: If you're a nigger, for example, jump around like a monkey.
You: like a porch monkey
Stranger: Yep
You: niggers dont know how to type
You: so im not a nigger...
You: because im using correct syntax.
Stranger: ...Yeah
Stranger: You write exceptionally well, too...
You: and im not taking breaks to take my dads dick in my mouth so i'm definitely not one
Stranger: ...
Stranger: And your sex is?
You: u must really hate niggers..........i hate jews
You: m, u ?
Stranger: hm
Stranger: male
Stranger: also a jew.
You: how much does a holo caust ? $$$$
Stranger: Funny.
You: no seriously its costs about 6 million.
Stranger: ...
You: was that interesting enough
Stranger: No.
You: okay
You: how about u be interesting...i wish u could show me some jew magic like how to turn 5 cents into a multi million dollar sotck portfolio
You: *stock
Stranger: ...
You: or how to sue a multi national corporation for hundreds of thousands of dollars for not implementing affirmative action by finding a loophole in the legal system
You: thats another example of jew magic
You: or making 6 million of ur kind dissapear
You: between 1941 to 1945
 Stranger: Only Jews know Jew secrets.
You: so……………being a jew, how does it feel to be born without self respect
You: ur a sub reptilian species right,.. do u have scales
Stranger: Uhhh
Stranger: Dude
Stranger: Jews are fucking superior
Stranger: Your banker and lawyer are jews while your plumber isn't
You: my jews r actually tied up in my basement
Stranger: Exactly, they've persecuted because they're superior.
Stranger: Had we more strength in numbers, it wouldn
You: my banker is Asian, lawyer is white...but then again your right my plumber isn’t a jew but he does find Jews in my drainage pipes
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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