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Friday, December 18, 2009

Shocker! Pt. 5

Emailed in by the ever so charming, Tits Magee.
You: Hey
You: Wanna rp?
Stranger: sure
You: Okay
You: You're a guy right?
Stranger: yes
You: Okay good, I'm a girl
Stranger: cool
You: Okay
You: I'm your neighbor
Stranger: okay
You: And I've come over your house
Stranger: why are you coming over?
You: Answer the door and find out
You: *ring ring*
Stranger: hey there!
Stranger: how's it going/
You: Good
You: Uh
You: I just came over
You: I need to borrow a baking pan
Stranger: a baking pan?
You: Do you have one?
Stranger: i think i have one
Stranger: come on in
You: Okay cool
Stranger: i'll check in the kitchen
You: *I folloow you there*
Stranger: what do you need it for?
You: I'm baking a cake
Stranger: delicious
You: Yeah
You: I started making it and I realised I didn't have a baking pan
You: But yeah, can you find one?
Stranger: well i think i can
Stranger: let me just look in this cabinet
You: Okay
Stranger: i don't have one, sorry!
Stranger: i thought i did
You: Are you sure?
Stranger: i feel really bad
You: What about this cabinet
Stranger: all i have is this baking sheet for chips
Stranger: i am sure it won't work...
You: Well you have to try and find one
You: I really need it
Stranger: well, just give this a try
Stranger: its really strong
Stranger: i'll slap your ass with it to show you
You: Are you fucking kidding me?
You: It's a fucking baking sheet
You: What the fuck am I supposed to do with this
You: Also, I don't appreciate the demeaning shit you're saying
You: You need to be taught a lesson
Stranger: okay
Stranger: so teach me
You: *I grab the sheet off you and push you to the ground*
Stranger: ow!
You: *You smile hungrily at me, at which point I whack you hard across the face*
You: *Now you are looking at me more fearfully*
You: Don't
You: Fucking
You: Mess
You: With me
Stranger: yes sir
You: *I hit your face again, this time drawing blood*
You: *A maniacal smile streches my face*
Stranger: ouch
You: *I begin to repeatedly bash you across the face until you are drenched in blood, all the while screaming "IT'S A PEICE OF CAKE TO BAKE A PRETTY CAKE, IF THE WAY IS HAZY"
Stranger: wow thats hardcore
You: *Once I am finished beating you, I whip out my 10 inch cock and ram it into your swollen, blood soaked mouth, choking you to death with my cum*
You: Fuckin cocksmoker
Stranger: ohhh yes
You have disconnected.

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