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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hey everybody!

Seeing that LOLmegle has been up for a couple of months now, we (two college students from Australia who predominately waste their time on the internet) decided that we'd finally share some news about where this site is going and what this site is actually about.

After spending weeks throwing away our time on Omegle, annoying countless pedophiles from all over the world, we made the decision to start LOLmegle, a one-stop shop for funny Omegle convos that people have either deliberately or innocently had.

Our initial mindset was "Hey, if we get a few hundred views, that would be pretty sweet." But we had no idea that we would be getting loads of submissions/views/etc, and that you guys would be so enthusiastic about this site.

So, we've decided to design a proper, simple website with a proper submission/contact page, and a way for you guys to "like" convos and view the "most liked" convos as well. It's just a starting point to see where this site can really go. Eventually, depending on the kind of submissions we get, we'll probably add a "dislike" or a "this is shit" button to convos as well.

It's just an update so you guys have a heads up, and so you know that we do listen to your requests/emails. Depending on other commitments, we'll hopefully have the new site up and running soon. In the mean time, follow us on twitter here. Thanks for all your submissions, keep it up  and happy LOLmegling!


  1. I like that ! Looking forward to that :)
    Will send convos, got a few.

    Keep up the good work guys !

    ps: what part of Australia :p
    PERTH Ftw !

  2. Sydney Ftw!

    Thanks for the support Mr. West (out of curiosity , what is your position on fish sticks?).

    Keep Lolmegling!

  3. Sounds like a plan boys,
    helped me avoid studying for a while but the updates are a bit slow...good work though!

  4. Keep it up you guys! :)

    Maybe keep your favourites up separately as well? There's going to be a "fuckton" of really bad convos beign submitted I hope you do realise

  5. @skarnon
    Yeah. Sydney isn't bad too, but not as great, you gotta admit :p

    Fish sticks? Not a huge fan. Girlfriend is.
    inb4 you don't have a gf, you nerd, etc