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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Disturbia - Either he didn't get it... or he really, really did.

Emailed in by one of our readers, Mark The Great.
You: hey
Stranger: hi
You: asl?
Stranger: female?
You: yep
You: 19/ f / uk
You: you?
Stranger: nice
Stranger: 20 m cali
You: wanna cyber?
Stranger: unfortunately i dont hav it
Stranger: can see your pic
Stranger: instead of cyber
You: I wanna cyber....
You: im 5"8, brunette, 3B
You: hot to trot & horney
Stranger: nice2
You: you want to start? or will I ;-)
Stranger: man, i cant cyber right now
Stranger: shuut
You: awwwwh
Stranger: damn it
You: But I have a calcium deffiency, and i want to lick your neck to find out if its a potential source of delecious calcium
You: then I can work wonders to you dick with my lizzard tail
You: ?
Stranger: owh.. suck cock pussssyyyyy
You: im so wet
Stranger: im so stiff babbby
You: touching my dripping clit appendage
You: it tastes so good, like calcium
Stranger: do u hav any pic baby???
You: im in work
You: no pic sorry hunny
Stranger: yea, blow my fucking cock babbee
You: My lizzard tail slides up your ass, and I devoure a near by locust
You: while i suck your dick
Stranger: oooohwww yeaaahhh.. let grab your ass!!
You: my tongue slides over your dick
Stranger: suck it up!!!
Stranger: suck it up!!!
You: and i suck out one of your balls
You: i feel you getting harder
You: and I shit all over a rock
You: and you cum in my ear
Stranger: suck your nipples!!!!!!
You: Im licking my lizzard nipples
You: and they're so hard and cold
Stranger: let me get it warmed babe
Stranger: i grab your boobs!!!!!
Stranger: licking to your pussy right now
You: you finger me, and I snap off your fingers with my really strong lizzard ass
You: and you lick them out
Stranger: yeaaaah
You: and swallow them
Stranger: my dick ready to get u now
You: oh yeah?
You: not if I chew it off as a food source!
You: Im so hungry
Stranger: oh yeah
Stranger: then come in
You: eating all the local floura and fauna
You: do you want to lick my lizzard cock?
You: its so slippy
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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