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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Concoction of the day - Integrity with a dash of irony.

Emailed in by one of our readers, Kien.
Stranger: hello
You: hi
You: i have a question............?
You: how do u hide a body
Stranger: like uhm.. burying it.
You: but like i dont want anyone to find it, should i pour petrol on it
Stranger: yeah but someone could notice it. and petrol stinks >>
Stranger: you can take it far far far away.
You: hmmm ur soo right, maybe i should drive to a forest
You: wait ......hold on a second..............if the police find the bodies i might actually get a reward
Stranger: then the trees would it the body u_u
Stranger: oh right. you can be the one who found the body! you can be the hero!
You: nah......cause they'd be like, u killed one of those dam jews. doing this city a favour, helping to stop the rodent infestation
You: :)
You: like dominatrix uses pain to derive sexual pleasure
Stranger: omg. you're a disgusting racist.
Your conversational partner has disconnected

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