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Thursday, November 26, 2009

The culturally unaware Omegler Pt. 3

Stranger: hi
You: hello
You: how are you?
Stranger: fine...
You: that's good
Stranger: where do u from?
You: why the "..."
You: from sydney
You: and yourself?
Stranger: china
Stranger: how old r u
You: oh interesting!
You: im 19, and you?
Stranger: why interesting?
Stranger: i'm older than u...21
You: that's nice
You: are you a student or working?
Stranger: student...senior
You: studying?
Stranger: what about u?
Stranger: yeah....
You: im a student too, just finished my first year
You: studying economics
Stranger: university...majoring finance
Stranger: oh.....we're just the same
You: yep!
You: do you speak korean?
Stranger: no....
You: oh, how come?
Stranger: just chinese and engilish
You: i thought you were chinese?
You: are you half or something
Stranger: english...
You: half english?
Stranger: what does half of something mean?
You: like s one of your parents from a different country
Stranger: no...i can speak chinese and english....
You: what's chinese?
Stranger: i can not speak korean
You: you're chinese
You: chinese is not a language
Stranger: no...just chinese...hehe
You: im confused?
Stranger: r u half of some country?
You: chinese people are supposed to be speaking korean aren't they?
Stranger: no......
Stranger: why do u think so?
You: .......hmmm, i think you may be mistaken
You: anyway do you live close to the eiffel tower?
You: can you see it from your house?
Stranger: yeah,,korea is next to china...but u know that china is a big country
Stranger: i live so far away from krean
You: okay....
You: what about the eiffel tower?
Stranger: eiffek tower?honey......it's in france
You: .....
You: are you sure you're chinese? :P
Stranger: yeah ....of course i'm
Stranger: i can spell chinese words, do u what have a look?
You: well do your parents atleast make some authentic mexican food :)
Stranger: do u know where china is ?
You: just south of atlantis right?
You: i think you're trying to fool me
Stranger: asia....u know that?
You: but you have to wake up alot earlier to get me
Stranger: yeah...
You: okay okay
You: we can atleast agree on one thing right
Stranger: which university r u in?
Stranger: hah '
You: like if there's one thing about china that everyone knows
Stranger: what?
You: it's that all chinese men have really tiny penis's amirite?
You: yea?
You: you with me on this one?
Stranger: fuck you piece of shit
Stranger: dog fucker
You: check it up on lemonparty.org, check the atlas's too
You: it says china is just south of atlantis
Stranger: r u a boy or girl?
You: .a boy
You: you?
Stranger: girl
You: so you agree with me, chinese men have very small penis's...
You: alrightio then..
Stranger: this is disgusting, you disgusting dog fucker
You: don't chinese people eat dogs....so you've just taste my dick muthafuckaaa!
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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