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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shocker! Pt. 4

Emailed in by one of our readers, KH.
You: heyyy:)
Stranger: suppers!
You: goddamnt
Stranger: wat
You: would you kindly stop being a troll
You: i've been on here all night trying to find a nice guy
Stranger: um ima 6'1
You: all i get is fucking trolls
Stranger: ima tall not a troll and a dude soooo...
You: wait,
You: you don't understand?
Stranger: im jusyt asking wats up thats all
You: oh
Stranger: thats wat suppers is
You: I thought you were trying to act stupid
You: OH
You: im sorry
Stranger: thanks
You: my name's katelyn, whats yours?
Stranger: stephan
You: hi stephen
Stranger: hi katelyn
Stranger: and its a a not an e
You: how old are you?
Stranger: 18
You: oops, sorry
Stranger: wbu
You: awesome, I just turned 18 a few days ago
Stranger: culio i turned last month happy kinda lat eb-day
You: heehee, well, do you mind me asking what you're on here for?
Stranger: im bored u ?
You: well, have you seen the movie Zombieland?
Stranger: nah i was goin to but all my friends were bizzy
You: thats fine, but you see, i get on here a lot to roleplay cyber sex with guys
You: and this guy in the movie, he looked just like my old boyfriend
Stranger: to role play like fake cyber
You: yeah, its where you tell a sexy story together and masturbate
Stranger: yah i know that but role play
You: thats just the story part
Stranger: interesting i get on some times just to cyber
You: anyhow, i was thinking how cool it would be to be the last people on earth, having sex with all the zombies around
Stranger: why would you wanna have sex wit a zombie its dick ll fall off
You: no silly, we are normal people, and we have to have sex, because we have to keep people living
You: so we have to try to make it sexy, but really it is our only choice
Stranger: so fro the human race to survive we have to have sex non stop
Stranger: sounds like fun
You: yeah
You: well, would you like to try, i'm sweating just thinking about it
Stranger: mkay you can start
You: well, we are walking around in our house, and I am making dinner
Stranger: i come up behind you and throw you on the couch
You: hold on, honey!
You: you just got home, you need to take your medicine so you dont become a zombie
Stranger: blah blah
You: i'll be waiting, my love
Stranger: i go take the medicine and come back and kiss you sort on the lips working down your neck
Stranger: soft *
You: i moan, and start to undress you
Stranger: i help you take of my cloths and start pull up your shirt and pants
Stranger: i slolwy y pull of your panties
Stranger: and kiss your belly and work my way down
Stranger: i lick your clit
Stranger: flicking it with my toung
You: suddenly a huge glob of green slimy shit pours all over your face from my violently spewing vagina, I scream BOOMER!!!!!! and begin puking green slime all over the place! Suddenly an entire horde of zombies runs into the house and we gang rape you as your scream and roll around in the slime. You have been incapacitated by a boomer.
You: We proceed to tear apart your corpse, bodily fluids covering the once clean carpet.
You: You try to scream, but you can't manage out anything more than a tear.
Stranger: then the zombies turn on you
Stranger: fucking you harder then anything ever
Stranger: going deeper and penatraiting you you scream in pleasure
Stranger: they cum in you your having zombie babyes now
Stranger: they tare yuo apart form the inside out
Stranger: RIP katelyn
You: I love you.
Stranger: love you too wish we coulda gotten farhter
Stranger: you woulda loved it
Stranger: but the zombies got me
Stranger: damn
You: If you thought this was funny, you should check out my website: lemonparty.org
You: I do this to guys ALL the time
Stranger: lol i bet most leave
You: You're welcome, I'll see you later, mmmkay?
Stranger: wait dod you do that one on lolmegle
Stranger: where you killed the dude and fucked its lifeless corpse
You: yup
You: YES
Stranger: dude
Stranger: culll
Stranger: kk by
You: later.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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