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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Note to self - realising your potential isn't always a good thing.

You: hello
Stranger: i greet you in the name of love and compassion
Stranger: i honor you as my brother or sister
Stranger: i know deep inside you are a wonderful and good person
You: i raped your mother :D
Stranger: no you didn't
You: ...im going to though.
Stranger: your haughtiness is only a shadow of your true existence
Stranger: realize now that you are infinite potential
Stranger:  why waste it in typing crap that lowers your morality?
You: interesting.
You: what should i be doing instead?
Stranger: what do you think needs to be done around you?
Stranger: look around you
Stranger: look at your neighbourhood
Stranger:  your country
You: theres alot to do though :P
You: where do i start?
Stranger: we all can improve and realize our potential
Stranger:  start within yourself
Stranger: be the change you want to see
You: holy shit man...that's deep
You: i think i see where you're going with this.
Stranger: see...you have the power inside yourself
You: i've got way more potential than this
Stranger: exactly.
You: starting tmmrw
Stranger: the change begins
You: i'm going to rape your father.
Stranger: .........
You: just kidding man, you don't have a father.
You: but you're totally right, i have so much potential
You: starting tmmrw i'm going to rape absolutely everything that moves.
Stranger: ...that's not what i mean't at all.
You:  too bad.
You have disconnected.
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