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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Some say to-may-toe, some say to-mah-toe, I say potato.

Emailed in by one of our readers, our resident potato...the brilliant Sarah Brenny.
Stranger: hi
You: So let me get this straight.
Stranger: female?
You: This is the internet. Am I right so far?
Stranger: yep
You: I see.
You: And you, my friend, are communicating via this 'internet', correct?
Stranger:  i guess
You: Because you, my dear stranger, cannot get laid. Sound familiar?
Stranger: yep right on the money
You: And, to add to your list of problems, your mom's basement gets increasingly cold at night as the winter wears on.
Stranger: nope dont have a basement
You: So you're homeless.
Stranger: no just have a house with four rooms and one of my own
You: So you're a hamster.
Stranger: exactly ima hamster
Stranger: And you are ?
You: Potatoes.
Stranger: Im just guessing but your a female who is uptight cause she is not able to get many orgasms
You: Nah. I'm potatoes. Potatoes typically are perfectly fine living in a sack with fellow potatoes until ready to be peeled and mashed/boiled/smashed. In my case though, I'm a rebel. I became sentient around 1942 and decided to invent and subsequently frequent the internet.
Stranger:  what is the point of informing me of the most irrelevant thing you could possibly say
You: Irrelevant? Oh my laws! This is only my life story! You indignant fool. How dare you diminish the importance of potatoes' role in the invention of the superworldwide interwebhighway!?
Stranger: what in the hell do a mere potatoe have anything to doo with the freaking internet
You: No, not *a* potato. I am potatoeS. The whole of my being is made up of 7 separate potatoes working together to establish sentience matching that of one human of above-average intelligence. That aside, however, I went to great lengths to achieve the invention and patent of the Internet as we know it, and to this day, I use this technology and marvel at my own genius.
Stranger: .....
You: That's how most of the world reacts upon the realization of the truth behind my masterpiece. Just soak it in, son.
Stranger: ..........
You: Take your time.
Stranger:  nothing to respond to how dumb you sound
You: Or is your speechlessness merely a result of the restriction placed upon your vocabulary and thought processes due to the limitations of your own intelligence?
Stranger: as much as that may be true
You: Ah, but it is. It is simple as that.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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