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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Perspectives - we all have a different one, but atleast we ca all agree...showers blow.

 Emailed in by one of our readers, Scotty2Hotty.

Stranger: You're now chatting with a brazillian male. Say hi!
You: Hi
Stranger: Hiii
Stranger: :D
You: Can I ask a question?
Stranger: go ahead
You: It's just that I have a small problem
You: I seem to always get caught in circles which flips my life upside down
You: Do you ever get that?
Stranger: sure
Stranger: not always
You: And when you finally manage to get out, the whole place seems to be covered in hay?
Stranger: That's life
Stranger: You solve a problem just to find another one
You: Then the next thing that usually occurs is.... I really need a drink but I can only get a drop at a time.
You: It's so frustrating!
Stranger: Well, is it indeed
Stranger: But the idea is that you have to enjoy the good part of life between those problems
You: You are right, I think it's just this cage which gets me cranky
Stranger: Maybe you're letting your-self get cought sometimes
Stranger: but i'm not in position to judge
You: Yeh, my tail does get caught at times, the cage is barely big enough
Stranger: Just face that life will always present you with problems
Stranger: and focus not on them, focus on the nice parts
You: You are really good, are you a full time vet?
Stranger: Full time?
You: Or is it just more of a hobby?
Stranger: hummm
Stranger: I would say that is just random encounters
You: I also have a friend who lives in a stable, perhaps you could help her sometime with her addiction to sugar cubes?
Stranger: Sugar cubes?
Stranger: Well
Stranger: I don't speak horsey
Stranger: :D
You: Yep, she goes wild for them.
You: But you speak hamster?
Stranger: Am I speaking to you?
You: Yes, good point
Stranger: Wink*
Stranger: Anyway, want to talk another things?
You: Erm, what is your view on gerbils?
Stranger: I like them, my girlfriend used to have two of them, but one died
Stranger: the other one has like 4 incredibles years old
You: They should all be executed in my opinion, they are the scum of the Earth
You: They give people like me a bad reputation
Stranger: Ow cmon... did you know they are related to the suricates
You: That's interesting, am I right in saying they are related to the Zozu breed as well?
Stranger: Maybe... in a way you guys are all related
Stranger: thanks to Darwin
You: OF
You: THE
You: Right there
You:That was insane
Stranger: How do you feel about that?
You: I feel like exploding!!! It's just opened a world of possibility to me; where is that fly going? Where has it been? What does it want?
Stranger: I see
You: Well, I better go exercise on the wheel before the boss comes back
Stranger: being a fly must be rly annoying...
Stranger: well
Stranger: Ok, i gotta go take a shower anyway
You: Ok ... weirdo....
You have disconnected.
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