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Friday, January 1, 2010

Note to self - Irony is lost in omegle..

Stranger: hey. im a bi/lezz girl looking for another bi/lezz girl.
You: im a lesbo :)
Stranger: really?
Stranger: i dont believe you
You: oh?
You: why's that
Stranger: because ive tallked to at least 5 guys pretending to be bi/lez girls
Stranger: and im getting sick of it
You: oh
You: how would you know they were pretending in the first place?
Stranger: they would tell me at the end before disconnecting.....
You: oh
You: as in a prank?
Stranger: yuppp
You: well thats irritating
You: i dont know what to say, how to convince you :S
You: to be honest thats happened to me a couple of times too
Stranger: it is
You: not more than once in a row though
Stranger: oh
You: yea
You: should i leave then?
Stranger: no.
Stranger: you dont have to
You: hmmmmm
You: how are you then?
You: :)
Stranger: good.... prettyyyy horny.... hbu?
You: hahaha now that you mention it, im about the same
You: cam? ;)
Stranger: i have no webcam
You: then how am i going to show you my massive 9 inch black cock? :(
You: i mean vagina
You: my massive vagina.
Stranger: you guys think your so fucking funny, your just gay frustrated little boys
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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