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Friday, January 1, 2010

Cost of laptop - $1500, cost of connecting to the internet - $50, having a stranger on omegle e-mail a conversation you just had with him to your website...priceless.

Emailed in by one of our readers, JCulv.
You: the answer is nigger, what is the question?
Stranger: ummm
Stranger: what is the politically incorrect term for a black man?
Stranger: owned.
You: oh, sorry, but the term 'black man' is incorrect. that is implying that they are human.
Stranger: they are human though, if you look at their genetic makeup
You: and what are you looking at their genetic makeup with?
Stranger: with my niggergoggles?
You: yeah, there's your first problem. with those on, they make niggers blend in with humans.
Stranger: omg
Stranger: is that why they're called niggergoggl....it makes sense now
Stranger: you have lived among themto learn havent you.
You: actually, it is the other way around. By avoiding them, you can continue to increase your intellegence and understand the ruse they are using with their niggergoggles
Stranger: what do i do about my niggerscope and nigdar?
You: the more contact you have with them, the more the niggergoggles bore into your eyes and drain the brain cells from your brain, making your intellegence comparable to theirs
Stranger: you're not telling me i have to get rid of these too?!
You: sorry, but those have got to go.
Stranger: oh my.
You: don't worry, they can be replaced with actual funcioning equipment that was actually made by people, for people.
Stranger: you are truly the hero omegle needs but does not deserve
You: and thus, i am forced to lurk in the depths of the internet, having my wisdom passed on to few people before I must take my leave lest the niggerpatrol find me and place me under their nigger rehabilitation
Stranger: but you fail to understand stranger
Stranger: they may take you down
Stranger: they may scorn you
Stranger: and call you a racist
Stranger: you will be mocked in the public eye
Stranger: but this is bigger than you
Stranger: ...this is niggertastic.
Stranger: and it shall live on as it did long before you were around and long after you are gone...
Stranger: *tears up
You: worry not, for there are more of us, and one day, you will stumble upon our sanctuary and only then, can you live in all your splendor with people who understand
Stranger: i have been negrocated.
Stranger: good talk, good talk.
You: and with that, my job here is complete.
Stranger: i salute you sir
Stranger: you should check out lolmegle, i have a feeling you have funny convos here all the time so mail em in
You: I will be sure to investigate further in my travels
Stranger: niggerout
You: godspeed stranger.
Stranger: godspeed master
You have disconnected.

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