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Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Aptitude Test - Part 1

You: Hi
You: Would you be kind enough to take part in an aptitude test?
Stranger: what is it?
Stranger: and probably
You: just an intelligence based test
You: just have to answer a few questions, i thought omegle would be a good place to get unbiased anonymous answers
You: is that alright?
Stranger: lol sure
Stranger: im not that smart tho
You: alright bear with me, what do you put in a toaster?
Stranger: bread
You: repeat silk 5 times in your head
Stranger: kkk
You: now, what does a cow drink?
Stranger: milk
Stranger: oh wiat
Stranger: ugh!
You: that's alright, that's alright
Stranger: lol! :)
Stranger: you got me
You: now I will question you on preferences...do you like apples?
Stranger: umm i guess
You: alright I'm going to process your answers and compare them with my other results, can you give me 30 seconds? :)
Stranger: sure
Stranger: its fine
You: results are in!
You: lets see
You: oh wow, thats unexpected
Stranger: whats unexpected??
You: your results...i didn't expect them to turn out this way
You: very unique.
Stranger: what did it say??
Stranger: is it good or bad??
You: maybe its a system error...no but it can't be
You: you my friend seem to be one of a kind :)
Stranger: uh oh
Stranger: your scaring me
Stranger: lol!
You: the results are in
You: and apparently... you're a fucking faggot.
You: how you like dem apples? ;)
Stranger: hahahahaha
You:enjoy your side order of aids! :D
Stranger: dickhead :P
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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